I became interested with photography through my love for traveling. Using a digital camera to capture the beautiful landscape, people and architecture of places like Costa Rico, Trinidad and Honduras, I immediately fell in love with the imagery and began my love affair with photography. I believe photography is an art form with endless opportunities for creativity through my eyes. I also believe you must get to know the person or people you are capturing in order to capture that timeless portrait. This assures each session will be unique, personal and meet the demands of my client(s). I am inspired by my personal feelings and my client’s desires for the photography session. I am very detail orientated and is always willing to offer suggestions to assist the client with decision making factors.

I do not have a specific area of photography that I specialize in; I enjoy every aspect and genre of photography. I believes my experience in portraiture, weddings, social events and studio photography have given me a scope from many different perspectives which will continue to add to my creativity.

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